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Questions To Ask After A Slip And Fall

Personal Injury Lawyer

Becoming injured in a slip and fall accident can be scary. It is a reminder that even if you are being as careful as possible when you are out in public, your safety often lies in the hands of those around you. If someone else is acting negligently or recklessly, you can still get hurt no matter how cautious you are. When you walk into a public place, such as a mall, a grocery store, or another business, you expect that whoever owns that property will maintain it and keep it safe for the public. However, when you slip and fall and become injured, it is important that you reach out to a lawyer to learn what you should do moving forward when you want to file a claim. 

Questions To Ask Related To The Accident 

When you were injured in a slip and fall accident, there are certain questions you should ask when you want to determine if you should file a personal injury claim. 

  1. How long has that hazard been there? Whether it is a light that was out or a floor tile that was broken, you want to get down to the important details. How long has this area been dangerous? Did it happen immediately before you got there or has it been there for an extended period of time? 
  2. How long has the property owner/manager known of the hazard? The next natural question is if the property owner knew there was a hazard and how long they knew there was a hazard. If you were walking in a restaurant and a server spilled liquid right before you stepped in it, they would not necessarily be liable for your injuries. However, if a spill had been sitting on the floor for hours, no one had cleaned it up, and there were no warning signs, someone had the responsibility of making sure the building was safe for the public and did not do it. 
  3. Do you frequent this establishment often? If you go to this store often and have known issues with the people who own it or work there, this may not work in your favor. It is crucial you disclose those with your lawyer when you want to start a claim. 
  4. Were there any witnesses? It can be beneficial to your case if there were witnesses to your accident. A lawyer, like an personal injury lawyer from a law firm like David & Philpot, P.L. knows that if there were people around to see the accident happen, they can help to corroborate your story. 
  5. Did you file an accident report with the property owner? After your accident, you may need to fill out a report stating what happened. This can be helpful when you file your claim because it can be used as evidence showing what happened and that you immediately wanted to report the accident and that there were injuries. It is important that you get a copy of this accident report and bring it with you when you meet with your lawyer. 

When you are ready to file your personal injury claim, reach out to a law office that will work with you through the process.