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6 Tips To Help You Avoid Injury At Work

Getting hurt on the job is often an event that turns a person’s world upside down. While not all on-the-job injuries can’t be prevented, you can reduce your risk by following these six tips provided by a workplace Injury lawyer

Know & Follow The Safety Procedures

The first and likely best tip to prevent a work injury or illness is to know and follow the safety procedures provided by your employer. Hopefully, those procedures are provided to you in writing. 

By knowing and following the safety procedures, you reduce your risk of illness or injury. If safety procedures are in place and you are made aware of them before your injury, this can hurt your case. It’s better to follow the rules.

Ask Questions If There’s No Written Procedures

If your employer doesn’t have a written guide of safety procedures, ask questions about your job. What are the hazards? How did previous employees manage the risk? What are the steps to safely do your job? 

Ask your employer about putting together a safety procedures guide for your position. You can also visit your state’s website related to job safety. This is often provided by your state’s Department of Labor. Or, you can be the one to work with your employer to create a safety handbook.

Review Your Risks

Even if you’ve worked in your position for a while, you should regularly review your risks. Do you still have all of the same risks or are there additional risks that arose since you started in your position? Technology changes quickly, so taking time to review this is a good idea.

Do your proverbial homework to know how to begin to manage any new risks. By understanding your risks, you may be able to keep yourself safer on the job! 

Wear All Proper Safety Equipment, If Necessary

If you’re required to wear any type of safety equipment, make sure that you do so. Examples of safety equipment according to our friends at Herschensohn Law Firm, PLLC includes and is not limited to:

  • Non Slip shoes
  • Hard hat
  • Safety vest 
  • Back brace
  • Safety goggles
  • Mask or respirator 

Attend Safety Training

Even if you’re not a member of management and even if safety training may not be required of you, make sure that you attend. By better understanding the safety methods and risks of your position, you may be able to protect yourself or even others who work with you. 

If your employer doesn’t offer regular safety training, you may be able to find opportunities online and in your community. 

Report Hazards To Your Supervisor

If and when you notice hazards in your work environment, make sure that you report them as necessary. This can help your employer ensure that there are procedures in place to deal with new hazards. Continue to bring them up until they are fixed.

Stay Safe At Work

Although we cannot totally eliminate risk from the workplace, by understanding our risks and following the proper safety guidelines, we can all stay safer at work! If you do get injured on the job, reach out to a lawyer near you for help.